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COVID-19: Tips on How to Work from Home

If you’re one of the many now working from home, it may seem like a free-for-all. It doesn’t have to be that way. We have clients who say they are getting more work done now than in the office. So, what are they doing?

Create a work zone.

Let your family or other people in the house know your “zone”. Carve out your corner. Set it up for comfort. Use what you have and improvise but do what is necessary to be comfortable. If it’s not, you will be distracted. For me, I need a room that ensures my conversations are private. So, I have setup in the guest bedroom. While it’s not ideal – I have it set up for quiet and comfort. When I have wrapped up for the day, I make sure the work-space is tidy and ready for the next day.

Get up early and stick to your plan.

Without a commute my day seems unusual. I have chosen to get up at the same time but have added some new routines. You may want to start an early morning meditation or exercise routine. Whatever you do – get up – get showered – and get started. Once you have identified your plan – stick to it. As part of the “sticking to it”, find an accountability partner you can check in with first thing in the morning and throughout the day.

Keep a detailed day planner.

Ah – the day planner. I have a love-hate relationship with it, from the never-ending list and time blocking. I’ve tried digital planners but always come back to the paper version. And, right now I’m glad I have it. It allows me to write down my daily and weekly goals, track things as they come up during the day, and capture ideas as they come to me. At the end of the day, it doesn’t feel like my day slipped away. I can take a moment to reflect on what I did (or didn’t) achieve.

Have scheduled breaks.

For me, I look at my time blocks and schedule breaks around it. Whether it’s walking around the house, stretching, making a cup of tea, throwing laundry in the dryer, playing with the dogs, or stepping into the backyard – I have scheduled some time to get away from the screens. The breaks are rejuvenating. When I return to the screens and phones, I do so invigorated.

Connect with a buddy.

As a child, when we would go to the local swimming pool, we had to have a “buddy”. The buddy was someone you swam with who kept you safe. Having an accountability partner is much like that. It is intended to keep you on track and safe. Start your day with your buddy; share your goals; stay on track. But, remember to keep it “Bright – Bold – Brilliant – and, BRIEF”.


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