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Imagine: A Mentor, Coach and Motivator with the sensitivity, spirituality and narrative skills of Maya Angelou; the humour outrageousness, stage presence and “Canadiana” of Mary Walsh; the unconditional love, trust and respect for all people of Sound of Music’s “Maria"; your Mom’s instinct - do you need a good hug, or a “swift kick in the arse” to get going?

Meet my friend, Madelyn Hamilton from Buchans, Newfoundland.


“LIFE”  just became more interesting for you!

Barry Smith, Broadcast Manager, Personality, London, Ontario

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Madelyn Hamilton has diverse background in media, management, consulting, mentoring, training and coaching. Recognized as a national award-winning broadcaster, her leadership skills are both proven and impactful.


Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated an ability to meet and exceed organizational goals. With the inception of Satori Coaching and its evolution into Madelyn Hamilton CCT, she has channeled her passion for authentic leadership into empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their potential.


Guided by values of courage, kindness, and relentless passion, Madelyn supports her clients in achieving meaningful personal and professional growth. Using industry-leading tools and assessments, she offers more than just coaching; she provides a roadmap for positive change. Whether you're an individual seeking guidance or an organization aiming for growth, Madelyn's expertise makes her a reliable partner for your journey.



Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ― Mark Twain

Our services stem from a corporate, private sector, and grassroots entrepreneurship background. Above all, they're grounded in a profound faith in human potential.

As we collaborate, we aim for you to magnify your vision until it becomes an intrinsic part of your being. Embracing your purpose enriches your inner joy, guiding you toward your truth, peace, and happiness. This journey empowers you to lead and work with authenticity.

Drawing inspiration from the core tenets of professional coaching and the International Coach Federation's Code of Ethics, Madelyn Hamilton CCT fosters a dynamic partnership. This partnership motivates clients to envision their potential and ensures they stay true to their transformative goals.


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Our mentoring and coaching processes and tools support clients as they gain increased clarity and focus on themselves, the world around them, and the decisions they make. Specializing in business and executive coaching, we tailor our approach based on client requirements.



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We offer a wide variety of both standardized and customized programs delivered either in the workplace or off-site. Experienced in training, facilitation and group coaching, we work with our clients to ensure relevant and effective programming.



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Engaging employees is becoming a key competitive differentiator in business. Churn has high business costs, and studies show that an engaged workforce increases retention and drives profitability. We customize surveys to maximize the benefits of your investment.



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