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coaching services

Startup Development Team

Supporting Entrepreneurs


Business coaching is a relationship. It’s a place you go to for guidance, support and accountability so you can figure out what’s in the way of creating the business you want.  Great coaching is equal parts curiosity and courage. Curiosity to look in each and every corner of your business to find the root cause for why things are stuck or stagnating, and the courage to engage in a truthful conversation.

Team Discussion

Partnering with Senior Management


Executive business coaching includes a variety of strategies that are designed to help optimize workplace efficiency and communication, including self-help training, behavioral techniques, goal-setting and identifying and filling skill gaps. The end goal is that the executive feels confident in their decisions, able to handle a variety of professional problems and ready to empower those around them.

Motivational Speaker

Leveraging Leadership 2.0


Provides coaching for those looking to grow and develop leadership skills, regardless of whether they are an individual contributor, manager, or senior manager. Leadership 2.0 delivers a step-by-step program for increasing 22 core and adaptive leadership skills. Core leadership skills will sharpen your saw, and adaptive leadership skills will make you into the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Group Seflie

Across the Organization


Performance coaching is for organizations/companies looking to improve the work performance of their people.  Sometimes it's the result of a performance appraisal or manager's feedback.  This style of coaching support is offered at all levels of a company.  It is independent of a job title.  We find performance coaching helps to shift or build culture.


 Journey to Fulfillment - Happiness


Personal coaching is intended to work with you to clarify and powerfully align your goals and objectives with what really matters to you. The objective of this one on one journey is to explore what you want to focus on; discover what you’re passionate about; uncover where you find yourself getting stuck; and assess which structures, practices, and timelines will support you in achieving the results 

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